Mathinik is a fast-paced maths game for kids (and adults likewise) on Apple’s iOS platform.

The game was created by 3D Artist Nikos Gatos as a spare time project to broaden his programming skills outside the Visual Effects industry.

The game took 6 months to finish, which included learning Objective-C and the SpriteKit framework from scratch. With only a few hours to spare each day, progress was slow and error prone. A few months into the project Apple released their new programming language Swift which cast doubt as to whether the project should continue in its current form or if it should be re-written from scratch. It was decided to soldier on as it would otherwise have set the project back even more months.

One of the most time consuming aspects of this project was to support multiple device resolutions and orientations as it required constant re-compiling to test new layouts. As a further insult Apple released a layout tool for SpriteKit developers in Xcode 6 which could have saved countless of hours of manual layout coding, but by then most of the work had already been done.

All in all it was decided early on to try to release the game with a bare minimum feature set and then later provide updates after listening to feedback from the public: You!

We hope you will enjoy the game!